About the project

Mollydoo are anĀ online cycling tour operator that deliver personal and bespoke service for cyclists of all abilities. As a family owned business, Mollydoo wanted a website redesign that reflected their expanding business model as well as showcasing their friendly and personal customer service. The client requested a clean, easy to use design that focused on the customer UX above all else.

The challenge

One of the biggest challenges on this project was how best to display all the technical information for each package in a way that was easy to digest by the user. It was essential that the booking journey should be transparent, simple and easy for the user to upgrade their package as they saw fit.

The solution

In order to fulfill the brief, when designing I focused on clear labelling, bold pricing and succinct language to ensure the user could quickly and easily review the specifications for each trip. When creating the wireframes I consulted with the client to ask what were the most commonly asked questions by previous customers. This helped me work out a visual hierarchy in order to best lay out the information for each package in order of importance.


Freelance Project

Designing the search results

One of the challenges with designing the search results was how best to order the different elements for each trip in such a way that the user would be able to find what information they were looking for quickly and easily. After numerous discussions with the client, along with external research, we managed to find a solution that used a clear visual hierarchy. Showcasing the information that would be more important to the user to glance at right away.

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