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About the project

Community Share is an online platform that connects the skills and experiences of local professionals with the goals and needs of educators in schools. Teachers are able to create classroom projects that create real-world learning opportunities for their students. Educators can reach out to professionals or professionals can approach teachers about the projects they want to create in their learning environments.

The challenge

I was tasked with updating the previous platform to make the overall look to be more polished and easier to use. Their user testing showed some areas that were proving difficult for users to interact with, so it was up to me to work with the project manager and developer to re-design these elements.

The solution

Due to the multifaceted nature of the platform, it was vital that the user interface be clean, simple and easy to navigate, with clear call-to-actions that points the user in the right direction. This is an extensive project that is constantly being refined and expanded. Throughout the process I worked alongside the developer, project manager and user testers to develop the wireframes and designs.

Community Share

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UX Design

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Managing projects with multiple attendees

Educators are encouraged to create multiple ‘Requests’ for upcoming classroom projects and events in their schools. As the majority of teachers will have multiple requests being arranged at once, it is important that they are able to switch back and forth between requests with ease.

Teachers are able to choose a theme for their request so they can easily differentiate between them at a quick glance. When a teacher creates a new request they can invite partners (professionals in their field) to join in a discussion about their idea. Partners are either ‘pending’ (haven’t replied back yet), ‘declined’ (not interested or unable to attend), ‘interested’ (have engaged in a discussion back and forth with the educator) or ‘attending’ (has formally accepted the proposed date and time of the request.) 

Teachers are able to message a group at once or on an individual basis. After gathering feedback from user testing we decided that colour-coding the ‘states’ on the left hand side would be a useful way for users to quickly see how many partners were attending, interested, pending or declined. 

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What the client says

“Every step of the way exceeded anything I could have hoped for. After a single meeting, Beth came up with mockups that blew me away, and it was immediately clear that I could trust her. She caught on to the problem space quickly, identified and solved friction points in the existing user experience, and I was consistently impressed not just with the volume of what Beth produced, but also the speed, quality and thought behind it. What she designed was both completely different and incredibly familiar—it was the same product, but so much better, and she captured the personality and feeling of our brand exceptionally well. I can’t imagine a better experience working with a designer, and I am so excited to show this new experience to our community.”

Jason Hansen, CTO  |  CommunityShare

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